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Louie the Neapolitan Mastiff

Nov 04

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Well here we are 15 months to the day since Louie had his left front leg amputated due to osteosarcoma. I never thought for a second I would be writing this today but it just goes to prove that you can never know what will happen and sometimes you just have to try and then hope for the best.  Louie is doing well. His seroma has gone away and he just has a couple of red spots from him still licking at the area. But for the most part it is just about fully healed. More of a concern is that I noticed one of the toes on his right rear leg is swollen. He does not want it to be touched as it appears quite tender so I really can’t examine it too closely. I am hoping its not a reoccurrence of the cancer. I spoke with the vet who said I can always send her a picture via email to see what she thinks, but its hard to get an idea over the computer. I am keeping my eyes on it but it is not hot or weepy or anything. Could just be that he is so big and heavy and putting a lot of strain on his remaining feet and legs and he might have just strained it. In the meantime we are chugging along and enjoying the Fall weather.  On a sadder note, my 9 year old Rottie, Nemo, has been having a rough go of it the last few weeks. He has always had severe hip dysplasia but has managed quite well until now. He is having a very hard time walking and seems to not want to put any weight on his left rear. Vet says its not his cruciate and she believes it is his hips finally giving out due to age. We have him on pain meds  but he is now losing his appetite and finding it hard to come back to the house when I let him out to do his business. I have to go looking for him and then help him back and up the stairs. The vet said that if the meds don’t help she can try steroids next as a last resort but that we are just trying to buy him some time.  🙁   It has been a rough couple of weeks as I try to wrap my heart around the fact that I have a difficult decision to make probably very soon.

That’s it for now. I have included 2 pictures of Nemo who has always had a funny way of sleeping  🙂  and a video of Louie “yelling” at the landscapers next door last week.img_1571img_1263

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6 comments so far

  1. 5chuppies
    4:53 pm - 11-4-2016

    Hooray for Louie! You are amazing! here’s to many more Hoppy Ampuversaries! 🙂
    Many hugs to you – Summer Patchy and Pack XXXX

  2. linda8115
    11:59 pm - 11-4-2016

    Louie! You are looking great there my friend. Wow 15 months we’re so happy for you. So sorry to hear Nemo is having a hard time. It’s so hard to see the them aging, but I know you are taking it day by day with love. Much love and many hugs to your pack!

    Linda, Riley & Spirits Mighty Max & Ollie

  3. superkylie
    1:28 am - 11-5-2016

    Wow 15 months! This makes my heart very happy to think it’s even possible to have another 13 months with my girl! Louie keep up the good work u are an inspiration to all!
    Nemo I’m so sorry u seem to be having a rough go. I hope it’s something non-cancer that u can recover from quickly! Hugs to all!
    Chris & Kylie xo

  4. benny55
    5:07 pm - 11-5-2016

    There’s my boy!!!! WOW!!! ONE YEAR PLUS THREE MONTHS AMPUVERSARY!!! 🙂 You, my dear Big Lou, are a true MIRACLE DOG!! You continue to inspire and you continue to give hope…and against all odds!! 🙂

    And what’s up with that toe Louie?? Could be sooooo many things related to wear and tear of being an “xtra large size” tripawd pup! I know how hard it is to check out a toe on a dog if it hurts. Just know way they’ll hold still long enough to get a good look at the toe nail or the pad. So definitely consider those injections as well as harness help. You can search the site and I’m sure Rene (Jerry) will expedite shipping to you.

    We will all be sending positive energy to ALL your pack. We are right by yiur side the whole way…for you, for Nemo and, of course, Louie!

    Lots of lovea d hugs!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    Clearly from the video it doesn’t seem to slow him down at all! I LOOOOOVE THAT VIDEO AND I LOOOOOVE THAT BID DOG WOOF, WOOF!! Beautiful sound! I bet the landscapers on the other side ran for cover!!

    Awww Nemo…love the name!! Such a sweet and handsome boy! Love his sleep position! This dog knows how to relax!

    I’m sure you’ve checked out all optio s for Nemo, but just throwing a few out there that I’ve seen in the site to be very helpful. Adequan injections have good results sometimes, even in worse case scenarios. Dasequan and other joint supplements. Of course, Metacam or Rimadyl. Again, I’m sure you’re already doing some of these. Acupuncture seems to help some dogs. And, of course, the wonderful slings and harnesses that are out there to help.

    I jave had to use the steroid injections on my seniors for similar issues and they did, indeed, help! There is a time when the advantages of steroids outweighs the downside.

  5. otisandtess
    11:59 am - 11-6-2016

    Happy 15 month ampuversary! He looks great! And Nemo is beautiful! Hopefully the steroids will give him a bit more pain free time.

  6. jerry
    11:47 pm - 11-13-2016

    I agree Louie, the lawnmower must be stopped from intruding on your peaceful nap!
    Hoppy ampuversary my friend, you never stop amazing us with your butt-kickin’ life. Keep it up and may there be many, many more.

    Nemo my friend, you are so young to have such bad arthritis. I hope your people can find something to help you feel better. Have you seen a pain management specialist? I’ll bet they can help! Let us know OK, we have ideas where you could find one.


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