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Louie the Neapolitan Mastiff

Oct 08

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I haven’t written in a couple of months. Life has been busy and blessed. We did suffer one setback last month when Louie developed a large seroma at his amputation site that would shrink and then swell up again. It got really large and painful and the vet wrapped it. A day after it was wrapped it opened up and drained like crazy. It must have been such a relief because he seemed so much happier afterwards. It has been about 3 weeks since it opened and it is still draining small amounts but it is closing nicely. I have to keep a t-shirt on him to prevent him from licking at it but he manages to get it through the neck of the t-shirt and licks it anyway. I clean it everyday with peroxide and apply neosporin ointment and a clean shirt. He thinks its a big game and does everything he can to make it harder for me like refusing to stand up so I can get the old shirt off, and then refusing to roll on the right side so I can clean it and apply the ointment, and finally grabbing the new shirt in his mouth so I can’t get it over his head.   🙂 He is such a funny dog! So thats it for now. I am cherishing every single second with the Big Lou. I have included 2 videos taken today of Louie enjoying the fresh air and life. Till next time!

Sue and Big Lou

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14 comments so far

  1. hester
    6:33 pm - 10-8-2016

    14 months!! What an inspiration Big Lou is!!

    Love the videos. He is certainly enjoying the crisp fall weather and air!!

    BTW, any idea why the seroma suddenly developed at this late stage? Did your vet say?

    • sreuschen
      6:55 pm - 10-8-2016

      the vet says he must have banged it really hard and caused a big bruise which became a seroma. Could be from him lying down too, because he kind of hits the floor hard when he lies down.

  2. kazann
    6:50 pm - 10-8-2016

    Congratulations to both you and Big Lou! He is a model for how well big dogs can do on 3 legs.

    I love that he’s a trickster and loves teasing you,

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    • sreuschen
      6:59 pm - 10-8-2016

      Thank you! He has amazed us!!

  3. otisandtess
    11:47 pm - 10-8-2016

    Woo hoo! 14 months! That is just amazing!

    • sreuschen
      2:08 am - 10-9-2016

      There is no one more amazed then me 🙂 I am cherishing every day!

  4. Wanda Crothers
    12:42 am - 10-9-2016

    Nice! Where are you and your Neapolitan Lou??? You look like you are in Napoli area…? He loves his orange ball… LOVE your videos. and 14 months is amazing. My sweet boy is only a few months along but his momma has a Neapolitan heart… Did I mention how much I loved your videos??? So glad for you – this post made my day. Thank you…

    • sreuschen
      2:07 am - 10-9-2016

      Hi Wanda 🙂 We are not in Italy. We live on Long Island in NY. He was born and raised here. That is just the name of his breed…. he is a Neapolitan Mastiff. I am so glad that you enjoy our videos and that we were able to make your day 🙂 Good luck to your sweet boy!!

  5. superkylie
    2:38 am - 10-9-2016

    He looks SO happy!!! Great videos. I love that he’s sporting a pink shirt, very handsome boy! 14 months is awesome! I will be thrilled if we still have our girl doing so well that long! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Chris & Kylie xo

  6. benny55
    3:09 am - 10-9-2016

    LOUIE!!!!! BIG LOU!!!! I LOOOOOVE YOU!!!! 🙂 🙂

    I’ve been waiting for another SPECTACULAR update from you and, as usual, you didn’t disappoint!!

    Sorry you had to deal with that seroma, but glad that’s being successfully addressed. That reminds me, check with yihr vet about the peroxide. I remember reading somewhere on here it can actually break down the good tissue sometimes as it’s trying to heal..or something like that. I actually googled and found a link that addresses it. Of course, just because it’s on Dr Google doesn’t mean it’s accurate!!

    Seeing how happy Louie is brings me soooo much joy!! It really does!! There were some bumps in the road initially, but you and Big Lou overcame every single hurdle thrown your way!!:-) He has proven…and continues to prove…he’s a MIRACLE dog!

    Lou has a zest for life and a determination to do things his way!! Lou makes his own rules! His number one rule is clearly to live life to the fullest! 🙂

    These videos…..OMD!!! Cannot stop grinning!! He’s smiling while he’s playing with his ball! He is! Really!! I love how he gallops like a big horse when he chases his ball! Sooo cute! And the bliss of a good roll and back scratch reminds js all to enjoy the simple things in life!!

    You BOTH are such an inspawration and Beacon of Hope for everyone on this journey! It is such a privilege to get to know Sweet Lou and the delightful bond you two share! 🙂

    Ice cream and cake, after steak and french fries!!!

    Lots of love and a big hug to MAGNIFICENT BIG LOU!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • sreuschen
      3:16 pm - 10-9-2016

      Hi Sally! My vet was the one that told me to use the peroxide. 🙂 It has been working well so far in keeping the area clean and helping it to heal. I have heard the same thing you mentioned though about it affecting good tissue, but it seems to be ok so far. When we started our journey 15 months ago I would have never dreamed that Louie would be an inspiration or beacon of hope for others! He truly IS a miracle dog and all those doubts I had in the beginning…….I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! I would have never believed he would still be with me after all this time. I am so grateful and amazed and I never take a second for granted! I wish all the tripawds a long ,happy, incident free journey!

  7. megstamum
    6:29 pm - 10-9-2016

    Aw Big Lou! You are SUCH a handsome boy. What a gorgeous face and I LOVE the sounds of enjoyment you make as you play with your ball. Keep having to replay. Happy 14 months Big Lou, we are celebrating with you!

    Lots of love,
    Meg and Clare (and Elsie Pie) xxx

    • sreuschen
      12:25 am - 10-10-2016

      Louie says thank you ! 🙂

  8. jerry
    7:37 pm - 10-22-2016

    Louie, I’ve been away too and it’s so PAWESOME to know you are doing great!

    Recently someone posted about their dog developing a seroma many months after surgery. I’m going to point them here. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m glad you’re all better. No licking OK?

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