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Louie the Neapolitan Mastiff

May 04

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Well I don’t know what happened but last month I celebrated Lou’s 9 month ampuversary and it is really THIS month!!! I must have been lost in how fast the months are flying by. Anyway today is really 9 months since Louie lost his left front leg to osteosarcoma. He is enjoying every day and continues to live in the moment completely oblivious to all the dreaded and sad frightening things that cross my mind on a daily basis. He chews up the cardboard boxes that I bring home for him (because its one of his favorite things to do), cries whenever I go outside to let me know that he needs to come outside too. He barks at the UPS man and anyone else who has the nerve to walk by HIS house and yard! He plays with the horses,his stuffed toys,chases squirrels,eats good and gets plenty of treats from the entire family. He sleeps so soundly that his snores could wake up the neighborhood! So for now, that is all I could ask for. He is happy and doing all the things a dog loves to do. Last week he was hopping up the outside stairs into the house when his front leg slid through the open steps and he came down hard on his face and it took 2 of us to lift him out of that mess. He wasn’t hurt but is a bit leery of the steps now and will wait at the bottom until I have his collar in my hand and walk with him slowly to the top. This month Louie is featured on our Tripawd calendar Β  πŸ™‚ Β I remember when I ordered it and wondered if he would still be with me when May came around and I am so very thankful that I have been blessed with another month of big,crazy,sensitive,funny Louie. Β That’s all for now.

Sue and Big Lou

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5 comments so far

  1. midnighter94
    8:38 pm - 5-4-2016

    lol That’s a big box Louie! Well, Hoppy 9 month Ampuversary again!
    Murphy stumbles sometimes when he’s running, too. He always amazes me that he just gets back up & keeps running like nothing even happened.
    Keep on keeping on Louie!

  2. benny55
    8:40 pm - 5-4-2016

    Oh Louie!!! Seeing you wrestle with that box and having so much joy doing it has me truly laughing out loud!! πŸ™‚ I watched it two times before I made myself stop so I could post and celebrate your HAPPY NINE MONTH AMPUVERSARY…AGAIN!!! πŸ™‚

    I actually love the idea of celebrating each ampuversary twice!! If any dog deserves double the celebrations, Big Lou does! πŸ™‚

    And congratulations on being the “pin-up” for May’s calendar! Hope your mom will take a picture of you gazing at your handsome self in the calendar! Such a treasure!

    Reading about all the things that Lou is enjoying doing just makes my heart sing. That’s why we all do this journey…to get extended quality time for loving and spoiling so dogs like Louie can be Louie…without pain!

    Oh gosh, sorry Louie had the stumble on the stairs, but I love that he learned from it and waits for you to help him. That says soooo much about the trust and loving bond he has with you.

    Okay, gonna go watch this delightful video again!
    I think we all need to by stock in companies who make cardboard boxes!

    Love and big smooches!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. swood591
    1:37 am - 5-5-2016

    Congratulations Louie on 9 months! We pick our neo up tomorrow from having her back right leg amputated from osteosarcoma, and are scared to death! Your story has given me hope and strength thank you so much for sharing!!

    • sreuschen
      5:55 pm - 5-5-2016

      Oh wow another Neo!! I hope you start a blog I would love to see pictures and follow your story! The first weeks were very difficult for us but look at us now!! If you feel overwhelmed or doubtful about your decision ever just look at our blog and videos and know that it does get better!! Louie is loving life πŸ™‚ Good luck to you!!

  4. jerry
    3:17 am - 5-5-2016

    YES! Louie you did it, you made it to your calendar month! Do you know how hoppy this makes all of us? ECSTATIC!! I tell you big boy, you are such a hero in this community, a superstar, a shining example for every dog but really those giant pups who need that extra spark of hope when they lose a leg. Well, the dogs don’t need it, the people do, but you knew that already didn’t you?


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